British Website Designer in France
Catering for English speaking businesses and individuals

Having moved to France ourselves in recent years to Châtellerault, in the Poitou-Charentes region, we know moving to and living in another country can make things difficult when you don’t yet know the language or not well enough to do business with French companies. It is particularly true of web design as the terminology related to websites isn’t what they teach you in French classes.

It is often easier to deal with a designer from your own country and in your own language. This is why we offer our website design and development services to all English speaking business and individuals located in France, or about to move there.

Sensory Perception is a British business created in the UK in 2001 and operating from France since 2014, so we have many years experience working in the UK, for British and American clients, as well as experience with working with French & British clients and businesses in France. However, as our team is both native of Britain and France, we are fully fluent in both languages, fully knowledgeable of both cultures, and can offer websites and services in both English and French.

Our Services

  • Website Services

    • Budget website / Bespoke static site
    • Static website with CMS
    • E-Commerce website
    • Bespoke visual design
    • Mobile version of older existing website
  • Other Services

    • website maintenance
    • search engine optimisation (SEO)
    • website conversion to drupal
    • programming to create any functionnality required
    • logo design
    • business card design
    • graphic design
    • e-book cover design
    • personalised stationary
    • leaflet, posters, adverts design
    • translation service – English to French & French to English
    • copyrighting & proof reading
    • web hosting on our dedicated server (for clients only)

Please visit our English website for more information or our other site for web design packages and an idea of costs. However, if doing business within France, prices will be in Euros.

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